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Conference 2022 Highlights

Keynote speaker – A person with Parkinson’s speaking about their own lived experience

Dr. Doug Hobson – Parkinson’s 101

Kelly Williams, RN – Medication Management & Advanced Therapies

Dr. Sean Udow – Cognitive Changes in PD

Dr. Dung Nguyen – Huntington’s Disease & Atypical Parkinsonisms

Dr. Andrew Borys – Case Study Panel

Michelle Mooney, OT – Occupational Therapy Interventions

Tara Chreptyk, PT – Physiotherapy Interventions

Gillian Barnes, SLP – Speech and Swallowing Interventions

Amy Campbell, Clinical Dietitian – Nutrition & PD

Case Study Panel – A panel of Movement Disorder Clinic team members will discuss a hypothetical patient case to demonstrate the multidisciplinary team approach in providing care to those with Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders

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