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The DLC Foundation is now accepting applications for RESEARCH AWARDS!  The deadline to apply has been extended to June 30, 2023 – send in your application today!

DLCF Research Awards 2023 Application


Deer Lodge Centre (DLC) welcomes researchers, in all fields, to take part in the resources, skills and other opportunities that are available for scientific inquiry to help build the future of Deer Lodge Centre. Our goal is to support and encourage research that contributes to one or more of the following areas of our strategic plan:

  • Enhance the client / family experience
  • Improve the quality of client services
  • Nurture potential and explore possibilities for clients/family/staff
  • Improve patient flow
  • Enhance partnerships with clients / families / health providers and the community
  • Promote dignity and respect

Research at DLC is coordinated through the DLC Research Committee. Our goal is to ensure efficient access for researchers, support projects relevant to DLC’s strategic operating goals, and promote the transfer of knowledge from research to applied clinical and non-clinical practices. The committee meets on a monthly basis.

Prior to approval for conducting research at Deer Lodge Centre, the following must be submitted for review to the Research Committee, 2109 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3J 0L3, [email protected]:

  • Deer Lodge Centre Research Request and Impact Approval form.
  • Copy of the final Research Ethics Board (REB) Approval letter
    (Note: This does not indicate the authorization to conduct study at Deer Lodge Centre)
  • Budget information, if applicable.
  • Electronic copy of all information to be provided to Study Participants including consent forms, information sheets and measures.
    WRHA or University Photo ID will be required.


  1. Incomplete submissions will cause a delay in receiving Deer Lodge Centre Approval.
  2. Research requests may be considered based on how they align with the following area(s) of the Deer Lodge Centre Strategic Plan:
    • Enhance the client / family experience
    • Assist in improving the quality of client services that are being provided.
    • Nurture the potential and explore possibilities for clients/family/staff
    • Help improve patient flow
    • Enhance partnerships with clients/families/health providers and the community
    • Promote Dignity and Respect
  3. Research can be undertaken once Request for Access has been approved.
  4. Investigators and all study personnel are required:
    • To have attended a WRHA PHIA orientation in the last three years
    • Sign the WRHA Pledge of Confidentiality
    • If required, contact Deer Lodge Centre Privacy Officer at 204-599-9744
  5. Extension of studies must resubmit the Access Process (Committee Approval).
  6. Upon completion of the study, please forward a completed copy of the “FINAL STUDY STATUS REPORT” to [email protected].
  7. All those who carry out research at the Centre must provide the Deer Lodge Centre Research Program Committee and the host department / unit with a written copy of the research results and must credit the Centre in all publications and presentations unless this is mutually agreed to be inappropriate.

Application Approval Process

Application Approval Process Flowsheet
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