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Environment & Safety


Deer Lodge Centre is committed to providing and keeping a safe and healthy environment for its patients, residents, visitors, volunteers and staff. Workplace hazards are identified and addressed and all safety, health and environmental requirements are met or exceeded.

Deer Lodge Centre believes in encouraging patients and residents to move throughout the Centre with as much freedom as they wish. For our protection and safety, all hallways and washrooms are equipped with safety handrails.

The Centre has an electronic security system to prevent those patient and residents at risk of getting lost from wandering out of the building. This alerts staff when an individual who is at risk to leave the Centre.

Fire and Emergencies

Fire and emergency drills, and inspections are carried out regularly at Deer Lodge Centre. We ask for your cooperation during these exercises.

Infection Control

Deer Lodge Centre has an Infection Prevention and Control Program. The purpose of the infection prevention and control program is to prevent patients/residents, visitors, and staff from acquiring healthcare-associated infections. Infection control professionals work with staff, patients/residents and visitors to prevent acquiring and spreading infections.

See enclosed pamphlet for more information.

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