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Dementia Care

Dementia Care units are for people with complex care needs related to dementia. Special Needs Units (SNU) and Special Needs Behavior Units (SNBU) are secure spaces that provide safety and promote quality of life for small groups of people living with dementia. Each resident has a specialized care plan with input from all members of the care team. Staff work together to assess and monitor each resident’s care needs, oversee their medical care and promote a caring, respectful space. Staff provide quality, compassionate care and support residents to live as independently as possible in a safe and stimulating environment.

Students must have background knowledge about dementia, patience and be able to respond appropriately to responsive behaviors.

This unit accepts student placement requests from Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Health Care Aides and Health Unit Clerks.

Tower 3 – 26 SNU beds, 10 SNBU beds

Lodge 3 – 22 SNBU beds

Tower 7 – 36 SNU beds

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