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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for Long Term Care at Deer Lodge Centre (DLC)?

Applications for long term care at Deer Lodge Centre, either as a veteran or non-veteran, are processed through the WRHA’s Long Term Care Access Centre. If you are living in the community, you can initiate the application through a Home Care Coordinator. If you are a patient in hospital, contact the Social Work Department in that hospital for assistance.

Those living out of province should contact the Long Term Care Access Centre directly or their local Veterans Affairs office.

WRHA Home Care Website

WRHA Long Term Care Website

Veteran’s Affairs Canada Long Term Care Website

Is there a restaurant at DLC?

Yes! DLC Cafeteria is now open 7 days per week during the following hours:

Weekdays: 8:30am – 6:00pm

Weekends: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Refreshments can also be purchases from one of the vending machines located close to the cafeteria or at the DLC Auxiliary Gift Shop.

Is there a Gift Shop in DLC?

The DLC Auxiliary Gift Shop is currently open Monday to Friday from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The Gift Shop is operated completely by volunteers. All proceeds from the Gift Shop are used to purchase equipment or items of comfort for the residents’ and patients’ use. No GST is charged on sales in the Gift Shop.

The Gift Shop sells a large selection of items including Confectioneries such as candy, pop drinks, chocolate bars and potato chips Magazines, cards for all occasions, notebooks and address books Toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, lotion and make-up Gift items such as jewelry, candles, vases, home decorations and Ty Beanie Babies.

Is there a banking machine at DLC?

An ATM is available on Main Street for Patients, Residents, Staff and Visitors

What are the visiting Hours at DLC?

Please go to the VISITING AT DEER LODGE CENTRE page for visiting options available to families and friends.

The Centre has set up quiet hours between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. During quiet hours, visitors may not be able to visit in a resident room, particularly in shared accommodation. Rest and relaxation needs of the other residents in the room and in the unit must be considered. Visits may occur in public areas. Visitors who are not respectful of the quiet hours will be asked to leave the Centre. All visitors entering the Centre during quiet hours must check with Security at the Portage Avenue entrance.

A directional map detailing areas within the Centre is available from Switchboard.

Does DLC have a hair salon?


DLC has an experienced stylist who offers a wide variety of salon services both in the salon and in patient / resident rooms. Appointments can be booked by calling 204-299-8428.

Hair Styling Price List

How do I find out about job / careers at DLC?

DLC is a great place to work! If you’re thinking of joining our team, visit the Careers section of our website.

How do I get to DLC?

View our direction map in the Contact Us section of the website.

How do I find my way around once I’m at DLC?

Take a look at the Deer Lodge Centre Campus Map to familiarize yourself with the Centre.

Where can I park when visiting and working?

Take a look at the Deer Lodge Centre Campus Map to familiarize yourself with the Centre.

Free 1-hour street parking is available around the centre for both Staff and Visitors. Paid parking is available in the Visitor Parking Lot on the east side of the building and in the Staff Parking Lot on the south side of Portage Avenue. 

Visitor Parking Rates (all prices include GST):

First 15 MinutesFree
First Hour$2.00
Each Additional Hour$1.25
Daily Maximum$7.00
Lost Ticket$7.00
VISITOR Monthly Pass $40.00/ month

Staff Parking Rates (via payroll deduction):

Full-time Employees$55.00/ month
Part-time and Casual Employees$35.50/ monht

Is there a place to park my bike?

There are bike racks around the centre for members of the public and employees to park their bikes. All individuals are encouraged to secure their bikes to the rack with a lock. DLC cannot accept responsibility for stolen or damaged property.

Employees can access the secure bicycle compound located at the front of DLC for an annual fee. More information is available at the Security Office located at the Portage Avenue Entrance.

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