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Visitor Guidelines at Deer Lodge Centre

At Deer Lodge Centre, there are two types of visitors – Designated Visitors and General Visitors. Please select one of the buttons below for the Visitation Guideline you are interested in.

We are pleased to announce that our Indoor Visitation Centre (IVC) will open on March 29, 2021! Click on the General Visitor button below for details on how you can schedule a visit in the IVC.

A Designated Visitor is a person identified by a patient, resident or substitute decision-maker. Designated Visitors may safely visit a specific patient/ resident at DLC both indoors and outdoors or in the patient/ resident’s room.  Each unit has a list of Designated Visitors for each patient/ resident.  The number of Designated Visitors allowed on the list for each patient/ resident is currently two.

A General Visitor is anyone who does not meet the criteria of a Designated Visitor but would like to visit a resident at DLC in the Indoor Visitation Centre (IVC).  Designated Visitors of Personal Care Home or Chronic Care Residents can also schedule a General Visit in the IVC.

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