Mural inside Deer Lodge Centre

About Deer Lodge Centre

Why do we exist; what drives us; what do we believe in?

At Deer Lodge Centre we believe in making a difference. Making a difference by nurturing potential, exploring possibilities and delivering compassion. It’s who we are and it’s what “Making Lives Better” means to us.

How do we accomplish this?

The way we make lives better is by:

  • being client/ family centred
  • treating all individuals with dignity and respect
  • seeking opportunities to enhance care, caring and quality of life
  • collaborating with one another towards a shared vision
  • investing in the spirit, talent and skill level of our staff

What do we do?

Deer Lodge Centre supports adults with complex needs by providing:

  • older adults with rehabilitation
  • specialized care for chronic health conditions
  • dedicated programing for dementia care
  • a long term care living environment for Canadian Veterans
  • out-patient community programs and services

Deer Lodge Centre Model of Client Centred Caring

All DLC staff and departments work together with the client and family along the health continuum. Staff provide core value care regardless of the clinical picture and look for opportunities to nurture potential, explore what is possible and deliver compassion; whether our clients and families are with us for a short time, a long time or if they are entering a period of needing end of life care.