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I am thinking about volunteering, what should I consider?

First, determine if you have time to volunteer and what areas you may be interested in volunteering. Think about your interests, skills or career plans – this will help you decide where you might volunteer. Also, consider if you like to work independently or as part of a team.

How old do you have to be in order to volunteer at Deer Lodge Centre?

Volunteers must be 15 years old to volunteer independently. Younger individuals can also volunteer if accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also a volunteer. Some positions require volunteers that are 18 years of age or older.

What is the process to volunteer?

Prospective volunteers fill out a volunteer application form. Once the Volunteer Office receives the completed application form, the applicant is contacted by one of our staff. Before a volunteer is accepted they must go through an interview process and references are checked. If a successful match is made, the volunteer attends an orientation session and receives training for the volunteer assignment.

How do you decide where to place volunteers in the Centre?

Many factors are considered when matching volunteers to a placement, including the volunteers availability, interests and skills and our current vacancies.

Is there a specific time commitment required in order to volunteer?

We require a minimum commitment of three months or thirty hours. Most volunteers enjoy volunteering at DLC and stay longer than the minimum three months that is required.

How long are the volunteer shifts?

Volunteer shifts vary depending on the placement but are approximately 1 to 4 hours in length. Volunteers usually work one shift per week but we can place volunteers to work more frequently.

What type of references do I need for my application form?

First, you should try to get references that have known you for at least three months and are from different aspects of your life – teachers, co-workers, youth group leaders, supervisors, colleagues, etc. Always ask their permission to use their name as a reference and be sure to get their current phone numbers. References cannot be members of your family or personal friends.

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