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WRHA Outpatient

Speech-Language Pathology WRHA Adult Outpatient Program provides services to adults who are ages 18 years and older and who live within the geographic boundaries of the WRHA. A number of specialized services accept referrals for adults throughout the province. Services are evidence-based and patient-centered, accounting for the needs of individuals and their support networks. Services are provided at various locations in Winnipeg including ACCESS Winnipeg West, Deer Lodge Centre, Health Sciences Centre and Riverview Health Centre.

The Program is organized into the following Clinical Service Areas:


Swallowing services are offered in 2 program streams. Both offer clinical and instrumental assessments (Videofluoroscopic Swallowing Study – VFSS). A physician or designate (Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner) signed Diagnostic Requisition must accompany the referral.

  • Adult Outpatient Dysphagia Program. Services include dysphagia assessment and treatment by S-LP. Referrals are accepted for those with known or suspected dysphagia, and who are not eligible to receive service from the PND Clinic or another specialized Clinic that offers dysphagia services by S-LP.
  • Progressive Neuromuscular Disorders (PND) Swallowing and Nutrition Clinic.  This program offers swallowing and nutrition assessments conducted by an S-LP and a Registered Dietitian.


Voice services are offered in 3 program streams:

  • Voice Clinic. This provincial program provides joint voice assessments which include a laryngeal exam by ENT and a clinical voice assessment by SLP. Clients who require treatment, and who reside within the WRHA boundaries, are then directed to the Vocal Rehabilitation Program. This is a provincial program which accepts referrals from adults throughout Manitoba as well as southwestern Ontario.
  • Vocal Rehabilitation Program. This program provides clinical voice assessment and treatment by S-LP. Group treatment and individual treatment are offered. Laryngeal examination by ENT (within one year) is required to be eligible for services in this program. Documentation of ENT assessment must accompany the referral.
  • Gender-Affirming Voice Training.  This program provides clinical voice assessment and voice training for clients with gender dysphoria who are referred for voice feminization or masculinization. This program accepts referrals for adults throughout the province of Manitoba.

Neurogenic Communication

This program offers services to those with acquired communication and cognitive-communication impairments that may be the result of stroke, acquired brain injury, neuro-degenerative diseases, etc.  Individual and group treatment models are utilized.


This program involves assessment and treatment of developmental and neurogenic fluency disorders.

Referrals are accepted from medical professionals and accepted through the WRHA Speech Language Pathology Central Intake. The REFERRAL FORM, together with the necessary additional information may be sent to:

WRHA Adult SLP Central Intake 

SLP Department

2109 Portage Avenue

Winnipeg MB R3J 0L3

FAX: 204-831-2953

Phone Inquiries:  204-831-2526

For services outside of the WRHA region, referrals can be made to the respective Regions.

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