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Visitation Guidelines for Designated Visitors

We want your visit here to be an enjoyable one and we hope this FAQ will answer any questions you may have. We are all learning together. Staff may give Visitors information from time to time as a gentle reminder of our guidelines. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as you visit your relative.

Designated Visitor Guideline Updates

March 26, 2021

These Guidelines are updated regularly and the latest update was on March 26, 2021. Please review the visitation guidelines from time to time to ensure you are aware of the most current visitation restrictions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we revise our processes and make every effort to keep patients, residents, and you safe.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting Hours are 10:00am – 8:00pm, seven days a week.

Please note that Visitation Guidelines may be adjusted in the case of a potential or confirmed COVID-19 outbreak in the facility or local area, or upon the direction of the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.

What entrance can I use to get in the building?

Effective Thursday February 11, 2021, DESIGNATED VISITORS will now enter Deer Lodge Centre through the Day Hospital doors which are located on the east side of the building (off the Visitor Parking Lot).

Who is considered a Designated Visitor

A Designated Visitor is a person identified by the patient, resident or substitute decision-maker who may safely visit a specific patient or resident at Deer Lodge Centre (DLC).  Each unit has a list of Designated Visitors for each patient / resident.  The number of Designated Visitors allowed on the list for each patient / resident is two. Exceptions may be made for compassionate reasons / end of life care.

How many Designated Visitors can visit at one time?

ONE Designated Visitors will be able to visit at a time. This includes outdoor visitation. Exceptions may be made for compassionate reasons / end of life care.

Can children visit?

Children under 14 may visit but must be accompanied by a Designated Visitor.

Can I bring my pet?

At this time, pets are restricted from visiting inside at Deer Lodge Centre. This restriction does not apply to Service Animals.

I am not a Designated Visitor. How can I visit my relative?

Friends and Family who are not considered Designated Visitors are considered General Vistors and are encourage to set up a General Visit in our Indoor Visitation Centre. All Visitors are encouraged to schedule Virtual Visits with their loved one. These visits can be scheduled by calling our Patient & Resident Inquiries Hotline at 204-833-1760. See our Virtual Visit page for more information.

What type of Personal Protective Equipment should I wear when visiting?

All visitors are required to wear a medical mask and eye protection while visiting at Deer Lodge Centre.

Each time you visit, the entry point screener will provide you with a “PPE package” containing a plastic bag with a medical mask, and an eye shield. The screener will direct you to a station beside them where you will put on the PPE.  After your visit, you will stop at a separate station at the Portage Ave. entrance where you will safely change back into your personal mask before leaving the centre.

If you have any questions about these new steps, or how they protect you and your loved one, please speak with the unit manager or clinical resource nurse.

When can I remove my PPE?

Designated Visitors are required to keep their PPE on at all times when inside the building but may remove their masks in the following situation(s):

  • When seated at Chad’s Bar or in the Cafeteria eating area while maintaining a 2-meter distance from others including the patient / resident.

What if I can’t wear a mask?

Designated Visitors who are not able to wear a mask for health reasons, must maintain a physical distance of 2-metres from their family member, and other patients, residents, visitors and staff.  Visitors not wearing a mask must restrict their visit to the patient’s or resident’s room.

What questions will I be asked when I come to visit my relative?

All Designated Visitors will be required to report to the Screening Station upon their arrival at DLC and before leaving. Screening will include:

  • Verifying all indoor Visitors are listed as “Designated Visitors”.
  • Ensuring all Designated Visitors clean their hands before proceeding to their visiting unit.
  • Assessing Designated Visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure to COVID-19 prior to each visit.
  • Determining if Designated Visitors have travelled outside of Manitoba, beyond the boundaries set out by the Provincial Public Health Office, within the past 14 days.

Visitors will not be permitted to visit if they do not meet the screening criteria.

All visitors must remember to clean their hands when entering and exiting the building as well as during their visit when needed. 

All visitors must wear their Visitor Identification Badge during their visit.

My loved one was just transferred from another facility and I was screened as a visitor there. Do I have to be screened again at DLC?

Yes. All Visitors are required to be screened at DLC, even if they were screened the same day at another facility.

I have been screened in at the Visitation Screening Station, but I need to leave the Centre for a few hours and plan to come back again. Do I need ot be re-screened?

No. Visitors to DLC only need to be screened once per day.

Where will visits take place?

Designated Visitors may visit indoors, outdoors or in the patient’s/ resident’s room. Visitation is NOT permitted in unit Dining Rooms at this time. Visitors must maintain a 2-metre physical distance from other patients, residents, visitors and staff and remain on the DLC campus.

I used to enjoy helping my loved one a mealtime, getting them water and juice from the unit kitchen and walking with them in their wheelchair. Can I still do these types of things?

While a 2-metre physical distance from the patient or resident is recommended whenever possible, Designated Visitors may participate in some of the daily activities of their friend or relative.  These activities may include:

  • Helping the patient or resident at mealtimes
  • Walking with the patient or resident both on and off the unit
  • Taking the patient or resident outdoors to visit

If visitors would like to assist with meals, they would need to do so in the patient’s or resident’s room due to limited space in unit dining rooms.

There is a maximum occupancy on the elevators.  Please use stairs if possible, to ensure elevators are available for Patient/Resident transport.  Note that a code is required to access the stairwell from the unit, please ask a staff member for the code.

Can I visit with my relative in the smoking area?

DLC has a designated smoking area reserved for Patients and Residents only. Visitors cannot visit with Patients / Residents in the designated smoking area.

Can I bring outside food or food from the vending machine to the unit for myself and my loved one?

Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink in patient care areas, including resident’s rooms.  Visitors can consume food and beverages at tables in designated areas which are the Cafeteria and Chad’s Bar while maintaining a 2-meter distance from others including the patient / resident.

Can I use the washroom on the unit?

All Visitors are asked to use the public washrooms available on the Main Floor and Mezzanine Level of the Centre.

Where can I park?

Free 1-hour street parking is available around the centre and paid parking is available in the Visitor Parking Lot. 

Visitor Parking Rates (all prices include GST):

First 15 MinutesFree
First Hour$2.00
Each Additional Hour$1.25
Daily Maximum$7.00
Lost Ticket$7.00
VISITOR Monthly Pass$40.00

Will I be able to hug my family member or hold their hand?

Designated Visitors who are wearing masks may briefly hug their family member or hold their hand.  Visitors should remember to clean their hands before and after any physical contact with their loved one.

I want to bring some items for my family member. What is the process?

Designated Visitors wearing masks may take personal items, clothing, newspapers books, medications, flowers or prepared food up to unit to give directly to the Patient/ Resident.

If the visitor is unable to wear a mask for health reasons, items should be left at the unit desk for staff to give to the Patient/ Resident.

Personal hygiene items (i.e. dentures, toothbrushes, hearing aides) should be given to the unit nurse for disinfecting prior to use.

Who do I contact if I have concerns or questions about my loved one?

If Patients, Residents or Family Members have questions regarding care that can’t be answered by the health care team, please contact the Manager of Patient/ Resident Care. If you have further concerns after your discussion with the Patient/ Resident Care Manager, you may also contact our Client Relations Coordinator at 204-831-2963 or email us at

Is there a restaurant at Deer Lodge Centre?

The DLC Cafeteria is currently closed. Visitors are encouraged to bring their own refreshments or purchase from one of our vending machines located close to the cafeteria.

Communication with family and friends is essential to patient and resident well-being so please continue to:

  • Connect by phone or video chat.   
  • Send electronic letters to a patient or resident via our “Well Wishes” page.
  • Schedule Virtual Visits through our Family Connect Program. The DLC Family Connect Program has been put in place for those of our patients and residents who do not have access to technology to have scheduled virtual visits (i.e. video chats) with loved ones.

Protecting the health and well-being of your loved ones and staff remains one of our top priorities. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we implement visitation guidelines to ensure visits are safe and enjoyable for everyone. Please call the Patient & Resident Inquires Hotline at 204-833-1760 for more information.

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