Moving In

Resident rooms

We encourage residents to personalize their room. This may include bringing in pictures, comforters, plants, radios or something meaningful that can be hung up or put on the shelves. Some rooms can allow a small piece of furniture such as a chair or writing table, but as not all rooms are the same size, families should check with their unit manager before bringing in extra furniture.

All food and beverages kept in your room must be in sealable containers. The resident and/or family must be responsible for discarding these food items before they are outdated. See pamphlet: Ensuring the Safety of Home-Prepared Food for Residents at Deer Lodge Centre: Information for families and friends.

The housekeeping staff cleans the resident’s room once a day. The shelves are dusted regularly. If the resident has many personal possessions such as ornaments, picture frames on their shelves, the housekeeping staff is not able to dust the shelves properly. Deer Lodge Centre asks that you keep items on shelves to a reasonable amount. For Lodge Building rooms, window ledges must be kept clear of items to allow for proper ventilation.

Clothing and Laundry Service

You will need to bring your own clothing with you. When you bring your clothing in, the Centre will label it with your name and room location. Deer Lodge Centre provides a regular laundry service for resident and patient clothing. You may choose to use this service or family may wish to continue to provide laundry support. Some items may not be suitable for the Centre to wash using the institutional process and may need to be taken home by family, or dry cleaned.

The unit staff can provide information about the dry cleaning service that is available at your cost.

Tailoring Services

Staff in the laundry will provide minor repairs to clothing at no charge. This includes sewing on buttons, repairing minor rips and tears or re-hemming pants.

On a limited basis, laundry staff will provide other tailoring services such as hemming new pants, opening the backs of clothing or zipper replacement. There will be a charge for these services. Pricing and tailoring requests can be directed to the Manager, Laundry Services. Unit staff can help you with this.

Off Season Clothing

Clothing requirements change with the season or with changes in the resident’s condition. Family needs to check in the spring and fall to ensure seasonable clothing is available, discard any clothing that is worn or does not fit and take home off-season clothing.

There is no ability to store seasonal clothing or items at Deer Lodge Centre.

Please discuss any specific questions about clothing with your Manager of Patient or Resident Care.


On most units, residents and patients can have a phone in their room at their own expense. The Centre does not provide personal phones and does not cover the cost for residents and patients to have a phone.

Arrangements need to be made by calling Manitoba Telecom Service (MTS) at 204-225-5687 or

Free public phones for resident use are found in the lounges on each unit.

Televisions and Cable Services

Deer Lodge Centre provides televisions and cable services in the lounge area on each nursing unit and other common areas (for example Chad’s Place) for all patients and residents.

Individual patients and residents who wish to have televisions and cable service in their rooms may do so and will be responsible for the monthly charge.

Rehabilitation Units and Chronic Care Units

The Centre provides individual televisions for all patients and residents in rehabilitation units and chronic care units. Patients and residents are responsible to pay a service fee as set up by the Centre. The use of earphones or headsets is strongly recommended for shared rooms.

Personal Care Units

Televisions that are brought in by residents or family must be safety checked by Facility Management before being used. Size limits for televisions exist, so please check with the Resident Care Manager before bringing in a television.

Electrical Appliances

Any electrical appliance brought in must be checked by the Centre to ensure it is not a fire hazard. Unit Staff will arrange for an electrical check on each of your appliances and return it to you when approved. The Centre has the right to refuse an electrical appliance.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is considered both a health hazard and a fire hazard. Visitors, volunteers and staff cannot smoke on Deer Lodge Centre property. Residents and patients may smoke only in the designated outdoor smoking area.

Removal of personal belongings

In the event you are no longer a patient/resident at Deer Lodge Centre, you or your family must arrange to remove your personal belongings within 24 hours. The Centre does not have sufficient storage available. Please discuss arrangements with your Manager of Resident Care.

Wheelchairs and chairs provided by Veteran’s Affairs Canada become the property of the resident and must also be removed or may be donated to Deer Lodge Centre. Please discuss potential equipment donations with the Care Manager.

Deer Lodge Centre reserves the right to remove personal belongings such as furnishings from your room to ensure adequate space is available to meet your care needs.

Barber and Hairdressing

The services are available in Deer Lodge Centre at a reasonable cost. Please talk with your unit clerk or the nursing staff to arrange appointments.

Volunteer Services

People are encouraged to volunteer at the Centre to help maintain a link with the community. They also complement the work of staff by providing you with additional services and comforts. Volunteers operate the “Dancing Bear” Gift Shop and “Chad’s Place” bar. They visit residents and help at meal times and during recreational programs. Volunteers can help you to get to a worship service or accompany you to an appointment outside the Centre.

Volunteer Services knows how important it is to maintain contact and are pleased to provide family and friends with e-mail service to residents and patients. E-mails can be sent to

The message will be printed and hand delivered to the resident or patient.

Gift Shop

A gift shop, managed by the Auxiliary, is found on the First Floor beside the cafeteria. Confections, cards, toiletries, gift items and magazines are available for purchase.

Alcohol Policy

“Chad’s Place” found on the second floor provides bar service to patients, residents, and guests. Drinks may be paid for in cash or Resident Trust Account and there is a maximum of two drinks a person a day. Hours and prices are posted at Chad’s Place. The Centre reserves the right to refuse service. Concerns about alcohol consumption can be discussed with your designated social worker or Manager of Resident Care.

Residents of Deer Lodge Centre may have alcoholic drinks in their rooms except in cases where risks are identified. Residents are responsible for buying and storing alcoholic drinks and are asked to tell staff of any alcohol being kept in their room. Residents and families will be told of any reasons alcoholic drinks need to be restricted.

Equipment for Personal Use

Residents admitted to the Personal Care or Chronic Care programs at Deer Lodge Centre may need equipment for their personal use as assessed by the appropriate health care professional. This can include wheelchairs, walkers, transfer belts, slings, compression hosiery and many other items required for exclusive use of a patient or resident. The cost of these items is not covered by Manitoba Health and is the responsibility of the patient or resident or their legal representative.

Members of the health care team will help in the assessment for proper equipment and in providing information about where and how it may be obtained. In addition, training will be provided in the safe use of the equipment.

A copy of the policy related to Patient or Resident Equipment Responsibility is available on request. Please see your Care manager or social worker.

Personal Hygiene Items

Residents are responsible to buy personal hygiene items such as shaving cream, toothpaste, deodorant, nail clippers, and so on. These items can be ordered through the Deer Lodge Centre Gift Shop.

Family and Friends

Family and friends may visit as often as they like. Children are welcome at Deer Lodge Centre, but an adult must escort small children.

Visiting Hours – Quiet Hours

Visitors need to be respectful of the needs of patients and residents. The Centre has set up quiet hours between 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. During quiet hours, visitors may not be able to visit in a resident room, particularly in shared accommodation. Rest and relaxation needs of the other residents in the room and in the unit must be considered. Visits may occur in public areas.

Visitors who are not respectful of the quiet hours will be asked to leave the Centre. All visitors entering the Centre during quiet hours must check with Security found at the Portage Avenue entrance.


Friends and family can park in the lot to the east of the building off Woodlawn Boulevard – there is a charge for parking. Payments are made at the Portage Avenue pay station. Limited street parking is available around Deer Lodge Centre.

Family Gatherings

There are two choices for family gatherings. Informal gatherings may be arranged through unit staff. Formal events or gatherings can be booked by calling 204-831-2118.


Residents may wish to leave the Centre with a friend or visitor. Please let staff know where you are going in case staff needs to contact you. Recreation outings are popular with residents, and many families or friends participate.

Residents and their guests are responsible for transport, admissions and meal costs on recreation outings.


Pets may visit in the Centre, but may not visit in any area where food is being served. Owners are responsible for controlling their pets and are asked to check with the Unit regarding Pet Visitation Guidelines.

Library and Reading Room

The Centre’s J. W. Crane Library is a material resource on aging and has an extensive collection of books, audiovisuals and journals. The Library’s Reading Room provides patients, residents, families and the community with current information on health and aging, guides for caregivers, diet, and exercise and stress management.

The Library is open weekdays from 8:30 – 4:30.


Deer Lodge Centre supports studies related to the care of the older person. You may be asked to take part in a research study at some time during your stay at the Centre. Your participation is voluntary.

Student Education

Deer Lodge Centre provides educational opportunities for students from all health care professions. A qualified staff member always supervises students. You may be asked to have a student assigned to you. Your participation in student experiences is voluntary.

Temporary Absences, Hospital Leave, Social Leave

Before leaving the facility, residents or their families should tell the nursing staff on the unit about the times of their departure and arrival back to the unit. The daily residential charge remains in effect during any period of social absence. According to MB Health standards, social leaves cannot exceed 21 days.

If you are transferred to a hospital, your room here at Deer Lodge Centre will be held for 21 days. The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority’s Case Coordinator must authorize extensions beyond 21 days.

The daily residential charges remain in effect while your room is held for you.

Private Companion Policy, Private Therapist Policy

Residents may supplement the care and services provided at Deer Lodge Centre by contracting privately for the services of outside agencies or individuals. This is provided at the cost of the patient or resident. All individual contractors and resident or patient representatives will sign a formal release form that absolves the Centre from any responsibility. Forms for release of responsibility will be provided on the unit and must be completed before beginning of service.

Any noted negative impact of the hired service is to be promptly recorded and will be reviewed by the Manager of Resident Care, or the Social Worker on the unit.