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Geriatric Rehabilitation & Assessment Program

On Geriatric Assessment and Rehabilitation inpatient units, many patients are admitted post hip fracture, knee surgery, post CVA, others deconditioned from acute care medical/ surgical issues, and long stays in acute care facilities. Clients are admitted from the community on the recommendation of the Geriatric Program Assessment Team (GPAT). The goal is to help patients return safely to the community.

Geri-Rehab units accept student placements for Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and Health Unit Clerks.

Lodge 2 – 44 beds. This unit has been designated as a best practice unit for Internationally Educated Nurses

Lodge 4 – 44 beds. Nurses are a part of the Code Blue Response Team and respond to medical emergencies throughout Deer Lodge Centre.

L2 East side Desk – 204-831-2522

L2 West Side Desk – 204-831-2518

L4 East Side Desk – 204-831-2520

L4 West Side Desk – 204-831-2521

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