Updated June 26, 2020

Deer Lodge Centre (DLC) is pleased to offer indoor visitation for Family and Friends beginning Tuesday June 9, 2020.  To ensure all indoor visits are safe for everyone, we have developed a guide to help Family and Friends know what to expect when visiting someone here.  We appreciate your support and patience during this time.

DLC is allowing two “Designated Visitors” and only these two Designated Visitors will be allowed access to visit indoors at Deer Lodge Centre.

We’re sure you have lots of questions…

There are a lot of things to consider when re-opening to indoor visits and we hope we have answered all your questions below.  If you have more questions or concerns, please contact our Client Relations department at 204-831-2963 or info@deerlodge.mb.ca.

Safety is our primary concern. Visitors who are not able to follow the safety requirements listed below will be asked to visit their loved one outdoors. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation as we all work together to ensure the safest visits possible.

When are Visiting Hours?

Visiting Hours are 10:00am – 8:00pm, seven days a week. Indoor Visitation may not happen if someone has possible symptoms of COVID-19 and are waiting for test results.

How many visitors can come at one time?

One Designated Visitor will be able to visit at a time. Children may be considered Designated Visitors but must be accompanied by the second Designated Visitor. Exceptions can be made for instances where it has been deemed essential or for compassionate and end of life care.

Can I bring my pet?

At this time, pets are restricted from visiting at Deer Lodge Centre. This restriction does not apply to Service Animals.

I am not a Designated Visitor. How can I visit with my loved one?

Friends and Family who are not considered Designated Visitor are encouraged to schedule an Outdoor Visit or a Virtual Visit with their loved one. These visits can be scheduled by calling our Patient & Resident Inquiries Hotline at 204-833-1760. Please visit the OUTDOOR VISITATION section of our website for more details.

What questions will be asked when I come visit my relative?

Yes. All Designated Visitors will be required to report to the Screening Station upon their arrival to DLC and before leaving. Screening will include:

  • Verifying all indoor visitors are listed as “Designated Visitors”.
  • Ensuring all Designated Visitors clean their hands before proceeding to their visiting unit.
  • Assessing Designated Visitors for symptoms of COVID-19 or known exposure to COVID-19 prior to each visit.
  • Determining if Designated Visitors have travelled outside of Manitoba, beyond the boundaries set out by the Provincial Public Health Office, within the past 14 days.

Visitors will not be permitted to visit if they do not meet the screening criteria.

My loved on was just transferred from another facility and I was screened as a Visitor there. Do I have to get screened again at DLC?

Yes.  All Visitors are required to be screened at DLC, even if they were screened the same day at another facility.

I have been screened in at the Indoor Visitation Screening Station, but I need to leave the Centre for a few hours but plan to come back again. Do I need to be re-screened?

No. Visitors will only need to be screened once per day.

Do I need to call before I come for a visit?

No. Designated Visitors are free to visit their loved one at any time during the Visiting Hours.

Note: Unit Staff will be monitoring the number of visitors on the units at one time. If the visiting volumes are high, some visitors may be asked to end their visit. Others may be asked upon their arrival to the Centre to wait until the number of visitors on the unit decreases. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Where will indoor visits take place?

When you arrive on the unit please check in with the unit staff to inform them of your presence. Designated Visitors may visit in rooms on the unit or in an alternate location on the unit if requested by the staff. Visitors are encouraged to take advantage of Outdoor Visits as the first priority.

I used to enjoy helping my loved one at meal times, getting them water and juice from the unit kitchen and walking with them in their wheelchair. Can I still do these types of things?

Due to physical distancing requirements, Visitors will not be able to assist in care. This includes assisting with meals, pushing wheelchairs and accessing the dining room or unit kitchen areas.  Please feel free to ask a staff member for assistance if needed.

I have been asked to wait for my visit when there have been high numbers on the unit, when my loved one is at a therapy appointment or when another Designated Visitor is visiting. Where can I wait?

Visitors may wait in the cafeteria area on the main floor of DLC.  Please do not wait on the units for your visiting time.

Can I visit with my relative in the smoking area?

DLC has a designated smoking area reserved for Patients and Residents only. Visitors cannot visit with Patients / Residents in the designated smoking area.  Whenever possible, all indoor visitation should occur in their room on the unit.

I take care of my family member’s finances. May I go to the Finance Department before or after my visit?

At this time, Visitors are asked to limit their time inside Deer Lodge Centre to their visiting unit.  Please contact the Finance Department by phone for questions related to Patient/ Resident accounts. Cheques can be left for the Finance Department at the Enquiries Desk.      

Can I bring outside food or food from the vending machine to the unit for myself and my loved one?

Prepared food, meals or beverages may be brought for loved ones but must be left at unit desk for staff to serve. Visitors may bring beverages for themselves to drink while visiting their family member i.e. coffee, pop, etc. 

Visitors bringing outside food for themselves, should eat in the cafeteria area or outside the building.

Can I use the washroom on the unit?

Visitors are asked to limit their time inside Deer Lodge Centre to their visiting unit. Public washrooms are available on the Main Floor and Mezzanine Level of the Centre.

Parking for Outdoor Visitation is complimentary. Do I need to pay to park for Indoor Visitation?

Parking for visits in the Outdoor Visitation area are currently complimentary.  All Indoor Visitors using the Visitor Parking lot longer than 15 minutes will be charged for parking at the regular parking rate. 

EFFECTIVE JUNE 29, 2020 – regular parking rates will apply for all visitors using the Visitor Parking lot.

DEER LODGE CENTER PARKING RATES (All prices include GST) Ticket Rates:

First 15 minutes – FREE

1st Hour  – $2.00

Each Additional Hour – $1.25

Daily Maximum – $7.00

Lost Ticket – $7.00

VISITOR Full- time Monthly Pass – $40.00

Do I have to wear a mask?

Designated Visitors are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to bring a mask from home and focus on ensuring their hands are cleaned frequently – before and after visiting.

POSTER – How to Safely Use a Non-Medical Mask or Face Covering

Why are some Visitors not wearing a mask?

As per the Shared Health Manitoba directive, physical distancing of 2 metres and frequent hand washing is an effective form of preventing spread of infection. Some Visitors may not be able to wear a mask for health reasons.

Do you sell masks?

We are not currently selling masks, but we are exploring options to have masks available to Visitors.

Will I be able to hug my family member or hold their hand?

Unfortunately, visitors may not have any physical contact with the person they are visiting. All visitors must maintain a physical distance of six feet from their family member, other patients / residents and staff at all times. We understand this can be difficult for loved ones but it is extremely important to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your cooperation.

I want to bring a gift for my family member. What is the process?

Designated Visitors may take medications or gifts of flowers or prepared food up to unit and leave it with staff at the unit desk who will then give it to the Visitor’s family member. Other essential items and gifts may be left at the front entrance for proper disinfection.  DLC staff will deliver these items to their room on the unit.

Who do I contact if I have concerns or questions about my loved one?

If Patients, Residents or Family Members have questions regarding care that can’t be answered by the health care team, please contact the Manager of Patient/ Resident Care. If you have further concerns after your discussion with the Patient/ Resident Care Manager, you may also contact our Client Relations Coordinator at 204-831-2963 or email us at info@deerlodge.mb.ca.

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