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1. Do you provide services to First Nations Communities?


2. Do you provide services to students attending high school?

Yes. We would like to be involved with the transition from high school to the adult services world if possible.

3. Can we ‘rent-to-own’ the equipment?

No. But after you have rented the equipment for 4 years, if you would prefer to purchase it at 25% of the original cost, you may be able to do so. Contact us at 204-831-3430 or to discuss.

4. Will you provide repairs for personally owned SGD equipment?


5. Can I trial or rent mounting and/ or access equipment only?


6. Do you provide Electronic Aides to Daily Living (EADLs)?

No. Unless it is already a part of the communication system that you have been provided. EADLs are not part of the CDP mandate.

7. Do you provide Electrolarynx?

No. Please contact your Speech-Language Pathologist for more information on Electrolarynx.

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